The Peugeot 106 Evolution...

The Peugeot 106 Evolution...


It's hard to comprehend the thought of a 1.1 litre, 60bhp Peugeot 106 with a 2.0 litre Mitsubishi Lancer engine, But that's exact what french born, Phildar - the creator of this monster has built, and been running for years!


The main purpose of this epic built was to make a 'Pocket-Rocket' using a lightweight body, with a powerful engine under the bonnet. We've broken down the impressive spec list of the project below.


The Spec list includes:

- Stock cylinder, 2000cc - pistons Wiseco HD 1400, 85.5mm

- rods Howards 1000+

- Headgasket HKS v2

- Kelford 280 camshaft

- Exhaust manifold HOME MADE

- Garrett GTX 3582 carter TIAL

- External WG TIAL 44mm

- Injector 1400 CC

- 2* Bosch 044

- ECU Sybele Challenger 6

- ACL motorsport cleavite bearings

- Full ARP Stud Kit

- GSC Power-Division springs Kit

- New OEM Lifters

- Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit

- Brand new OEM complete engine gasket set (with/t Head Gasket Drivetrain :

- Xfertbox and axles of EVO 7RS

- Fidanza Flywheels

- Gearbox stock Evo4 for the moment

- Exedy Triple disc

- all of the bushings

- Front brakes: 6 pots XYZ in 355mm - rear brakes : 300 mm 4 pots Brembo (Megane RS)

- BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

- Compomotive VLM 1880 Wheels

- Home made Roll cage Interior

- SPARCO REV plus Seats

- Dashboard AIM MXL STRADA

- Harness RRS Body Kit:

- Full 106 maxi Mc racing

- Carbon Fiber doorcards kit 

- Quaife gearbox

- Transfer case and axles are taken from the original Lancer Evolution donor car.

The future plans for the exterior are to also make a carbon fiber roof, hood and hatch.

To view the full build, visit the 106 Evolution Facebook page