HM Series

BC Racing's HM Coilover system offers the same great benefits of the RM Series with the addition of 2 way damping adjustment. Each HM Coilover system features inverted mono-tube dampers with independently adjustable compression and rebound. The inverted damper design moves vital damper fluid away from detrimental heat sources to avoid overheating which can cause damper fade under extreme track use.

The inverted damper also allows for decreased unsprung weight by moving the majority of the coilover mass up to the chassis improving ride quality, wheel control and steering feel. With the combination of inverted mono-tube dampers and external reservoirs the HM Series is suited for the most demanding users on the track.

Inverted Suspension

* Engineered for 100% track use

* 30 levels of separate rebound and compression adjustment

* Inverted damper design (depending on models) 

* Dual Piston design (1 res., 1 in shock)

 * Teflon coated steel braided lines for external reservoir on inverted dampers and solid stem for double A-arm cars Custom spring rates available

 * Completely rebuild-able

 * Monotube damper design

 * Patented concave lower locking collar

 * 1 year manufacturer warranty